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5 MOST Effective Ways to Embrace Difficult Change

Change is unavoidable. Change offers us the opportunity to grow and to reshape our lives to a life of our dreams. If you are taking power with your life by actively creating your dream life, chances are a lot of things are changing around you. Or. something in or around you has changed unexpectedly. These unexpected changes can feel the most harsh. So here are some effective tools for embracing that tough change taking place in your life:

1. BREATH! & Center Self

Breath is the Spirit of Life. It’s how we access our consciousness in this physical existence. Often during difficult moments we tend escape our physical body to avoid the violent experiences of emotions that we feel in our bodies. Have you heard of an “out of body experience”? Well this would be that. Emotions is how we live life. Emotion carries the word ‘motion’ which means movement. The physical movement of emotions running through our bodies at such difficult times would encourage any normal person to want to escape or avoid that feeling, especially if we are unsure of how to cope or settle this emotion. Breath is a great way to calm this physical sensation. Moreover, breath invites flow and calmness back into our bodies by activating our parasympathetic system (PNS). . . aka our relaxation response system.

2. Connect with Your Support System

Support, support. . . .SUPPORT. Support is MUCH harder to access than we think. Some people may not have a solid support system, or may have never had any support systems their entire life. Persons like this prefer to isolate during difficult times, it’s their most comfortable coping skill. . .and hey! We get it! It’s much easier to move towards comfort than to challenge ourselves to reach out to others. This is also how addictions form when we have a ‘thing’ (e.i. TV, food, drugs, self harm, etc) that bring us comfort during difficult moments.

There are other forms of support that can help you if you don’t have a support system already. I’ll list them here:

  • National Suicide HelpLine 1(800)273-8255
  • Crisis Text Line 741741
  • Counseling Services – You can now find providers online and receive virtual therapy MUCH easier than before! Search online for providers in your area and even look into community counseling services. You can even find free counseling services in-person or online.
  • Energy Healers – I totally advocate for energy healing services! They help you release trauma and blockages past what the eyes can see and free you from constant painful moments. Energy healing services I advocate for the most are Reiki Healers, Akashic and Tarot Readers, Somatic-Based Therapist, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, and Breathwork Healers just to name a few!
  • Somatic (Body-Based) Therapist – I know I named this modality in the previous bullet point, however this modality needs one of it’s own! Somatic therapists are arising as one of the most effective therapies to heal traumas and cope with difficult situations. We experience almost our entire like through our bodies, so it makes total sense! These practitioners would include dance/movement therapist, somatic therapist and psychologist, and movement-based mind-body therapists.
  • Massage Therapist – Body massages (whether reflexology, cranio, or any other specialty) are great for releasing stress and energetic blockages from the body!

3. identify and Engage with Coping Skills

Make a list of hobbies and things that bring you joy or relaxation. Examples could be listening to music (my fav!), going to park or surrounding yourself with nature and water, creating artwork, journaling, and taking yourself on a date. These are just to name a few! Once you create your list, keep it in a place that is easily accessible so you can retrieve it at any time and use it.

4. Analyze How the Change Can Benefit You

Often change is difficult. When we are creating the life of our dreams, this change can also hurt as it looks like letting people, place, things, and behaviors go. The best way to cope with this is to process how this change will or has already benefitted you. ‘Process’ means talking, journaling, or creating something physical that sums up what the change is and how it has impacted your life. The worst thing you can do is keep everything mental. This will create a mental blockage. Give these thoughts and feelings an outlet.

5. Give Self Time to Adjust

PLEASE if you don’t do anything else, give yourself time to adjust. Like after a workout, for example, our body needs time to recover. This is no different. Your recovery from difficult changes is necessary. It helps increase your window of tolerance, resiliency, and ability to practice longevity in this lifetime as you continue to manifest the life you truly want and desire. Diving into change after change after change is extremely tumultuous on our body, mind, spirit, and financial life. Your the boss of your life, give yourself a vacation after all the hard work you did during such a difficult time.


With much love and care,

Wys Wellness, LLC ☺️


Published By Megan Roberts

August 3rd, 2021

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