Wys Wellness, LLC Chakra Cleanses


Physical Health. Our recommendations of nutritional & physical support help to keep you active & eating foods that assist with healthy functioning in the human body. Moreover, we help you activate dormant muscles in the body that increase mental activity & deepen your connection to your spiritual gifts.

Mental Health. Our chakra cleanses incorporate daily worksheets, meditations, and processing that help you increase mental clarity & focus. As body-based practitioners, we provide you with expert guidance on how to heal chronic & childhood wounds through somatic (body) therapy.

Spiritual Health. Wys Wellness, LLC chakra cleanses are mostly spiritual. They allow you to connect deep within the ‘Self’ while healing at the same time. On top of this, we use a scientific, divine, & astrological system to calculate the best days and times to engage in a chakra cleanse. By using this system, we’ve learned how to harness this energy to quantum leap through realities & move closer to our manifesting goals with each cleanse.

Relational Health. Our chakra cleanses address your relationships from many aspects: self, family, friends, work, community & love. Each chakra holds a special meaning that allows you to focus on energy blockages that may be negatively impacting or causing a barrier between you & any of these relationships.

Financial Health. Wys Wellness, LLC takes your financial health into consideration. Which is why we value community healing at low costs, bringing you health tips from experienced coaches in one space. Our chakra cleanses also incorporate financial healing & guidance on your journey. 

Loving Health. Wys Wellness, LLC centers everything it does around love & is our number one healing tool here. Experience your heart expanding during our chakra cleanses.

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What People Say

“Amazing. Information was deep and very effective. The food and chakra colors were perfect. I would get really engaged with the process. It helped me to let go of and talk through things holding me back. I became more sensitive to my environment where I’m noticing a lot more things about my surroundings. Overall I feel spiritually elevated!”


7 Day Chakra Cleanse

“Participating in the 7 Day Chakra Cleanse added a sense of wholeness, exploration, and support to my life. Starting the mornings with Megz’s grounded guidance set my day off the right foot. The visuals and information they provided specific to each Chakra was informative and supportive, especially for a beginner like me. I highly recommend leaning into their guidance and I do plan to participate again.”


7 Day Chakra Cleanse

“My first time doing the Chakra Cleanse was an amazing connection and experience; with both myself and others. It allowed me to continue to use my body to connect with my past and the I needed. I was also provided  amazing support with the healers supporting and guiding the journey. It also was a validation to my intuition based practices I was being called to implement. The Chakra Cleanse gave me more knowledge and support to continue my healing journey.”


7 Day Chakra Cleanse

“The previous Chakra Cleanse was thought provoking, informative, engaging, and healing. Although at times it became challenging, it allowed me to release blockages and allow positivity, peace, love and joy to enter. It also helped me develop a closer relationship with the Divine.”


7 Day Chakra Cleanse

“You guys helped me a lot. Everything was spot on for me.”


7 Day Chakra Cleanse
Chakra Cleanse More Info
How Chakra Cleanses Work

Chakra cleanses work by clearing out your chakras from the inside out. They get to the root of what’s bothering you. . .your trauma. . .those unconscious pieces. Chakra cleanses slowly and gently clear your chakras every time you engage with a chakra cleanse. 

The more you continue to engage with chakra cleanses, the more clean, aligned and energized your chakras become. This makes your chakras and ability to manifest what you want more powerful over time. 

When you engage in a chakra cleanse with community, it makes the process even more powerful with the collective conscious. A collective conscious (multiple minds focus on one goal together), like the Wys Wellness, Chakra Cleanse community, will shift your manifestations into reality quicker. 

Simply put, healing makes you a powerful magnet for your manifestations. Heal, then manifest! 

Steps to Completing a Chakra Cleanse


Align self with Numerology & Astrology.

You’ll want to research what things are taking place amongst the stars and planets in the Solar System. Certain celestial alignments will allow Spirit to support and guide you more during your chakra cleanse. Wys Wellness, LLC does this for you automatically with a secret scientific method when you join our community.


Identify your intention or goal.

Identity what you are looking to specifically heal and manifest for the chakra cleanse. Be specific and keep it to a maximum of 3 intentions. Wys Wellness, LLC does a chakra cleanse pre-launch where we identify our intentions together before the start of the cleanse. 


Gather your chakra cleanse materials.

This can be as simple as purchasing a candle for each chakra, wearing clothes that are the same colors as the chakras and keeping a journal near by each day. Wys Wellness, LLC provides you with a unique material list each chakra cleanse. It changes with the new theme of the Solar System at that time. 


Prepare yourself & others.

Prepare yourself and others around you before the cleanse begins. This may look like entering a meditative state, opening yourself up to listening to Divine for guidance, and informing others that you will be occupied with a healing journey for the next couple days. 


Identify your daily activities.

You’ll want to pre-plan activities that you want to engage in the chakra cleanse with each day. This may be journaling or creating art. Activities serve to deepen your experience and process your journey throughout the cleanse. 

Wys Wellness, LLC has professionally tailored activity sheets for each chakra. These activities change every quarter for each Wys Wellness, LLC Chakra Cleanse, and you can purchase them here: 7-Day Chakra Cleanse Activity Sheets. 


Get good sleep & journal.

Whether you feel it or not, you are moving a lot of energy inside you and around you during a chakra cleanse. It’s important that you treat your body with proper exercise, nutrition, and rest. 

Doing a reflective journal to end each day can be most helpful for a smooth transition into the next chakra. Included in Wys Wellness, LLC’s chakra cleanse guide are themed journal prompts. 


Allow yourself to be guided.

Allow your Divine angels and spirit guides to guide your process. Some experiences may be confusing or may not make sense at the time. Trust your intuition and release judgement of your experience. Things tend to fall in place as they need to for you. 

Everything is working in your favor…always remember this. ♥️

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