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Embodied Reiki Healing Session

Embodied Reiki is the healing method of the next generation. It is a robust energy healing method that supports whole-listic healing of your body, mind & spirit. Some call the healing effects of Embodied Reiki, "magic". Reiki is an ancient energy healing practice known as Qi or prana today. Through specialized movement practices in harmony with Reiki, we are able to open up your energy channels, cleanse your chakras, and relax your body into an intimate state of "receiving". It is in this state, your body, mind, and spirit receive a pure transmission of Reiki energy that permeates throughout your body and offers light healing as directed. Embodied Reiki can serve many purposes and are known to induce healing in all types of emotional, physical, mental, and energetic wounds, blockages, and discomforts.

Your sessions will include science-based movement practices that restore your body and mind with Reiki energy healing and verbal processing. Your sessions can focus on one or more of the following: body re-patterning for mind/body/spiritual health, gradual and light trauma release, therapeutic movement for full body relaxation and stress release, past/future life healing, relational healing, reducing physical, mental and/or spiritual pain or discomfort, manifestation coaching and support, and developing your own unique mindfulness practice.

55min session/$120 |  $50 for 1st-time clients

Reduced payment options available for individuals facing economic challenges. Free consultations available, please scroll down to schedule.

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Embodied Reiki Healing Session

Deep mind/body/spiritual healing process using practices from embodied education, reiki energy, dance/movement therapy, and mysticism. 

Meet XaHara MeGod
Grandmaster Embodied Reiki Teacher
& Therapist.

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Grandmaster Reiki Teacher

XaHara is a certified holistic energy healer, certified fitness professional, and nationally registered movement psychotherapist and mediator. She is known for her omniscient healing abilities and outstanding therapeutic services where she loves to focus on body healing and relational repair. XaHara is currently a graduate visiting instructor at Pratt Institute in New York. She also does public speaking worldwide where she teaches healthcare professionals methods from her nationally published and multi-award winning model on active multicultural diversity in healthcare, and is developing research on effectively relieving the body of transgenerational trauma through embodied practices.

What's Reiki?

The most ancient healing of our time.

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