Wys Wellness

Personalized Healing Candles

Disclaimer: Healing advised at your own discretion. You are responsible for maintaining and monitoring your healing journey after receiving your candle (i.e. therapeutic activities, therapy, reiki healing). Thank you. You are appreciated!

Aura Cleansing Candle 


Release any unconscious energetic blockages in your body. Aura Cleansing Candles come Reiki infused and are made to order.

Chakra Healing Candle


Cleanse, release & heal your chakras with our popular Chakra Healing Candles. These candles are known to assist with aligning your chakras and protecting your energy as you continue on your healing journey! All candles are made to order and prepared by a master energy healer. 

Discretion: Healing advised. Please monitor and maintain your healing journey through therapeutic activities, therapy, and other activities of your choosing.

About Your Candle...

Personalized chakra candles are prepared by intuitive Reiki healers and/or shamanic mystic. 

Each candle is specially made to order and are intuitively prepared for you. These candles are used for holistic healing purposes, cleansing your chakra(s). We highly recommend joining the Wys Wellness, LLC Chakra Healing Community to help assist your healing journey and support any energetic changes that may accompany your new development. 

Terms and Conditions. No refunds on certification courses or services. Payments expire after 1 year and can applied to other classes or services at anytime. 

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