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5 SIGNS A Manifestation Is Coming To You

Manifesting is the process of turning abstract thoughts, ideas, and energy into full embodiedment and physical materialization. In other words, it’s taking those dreams of yours and bringing them into actual reality. It is important to know what it looks like when manifestations are coming to you. Here’s 5 reason why it is essential to know the signs:

  1. Your life could change drastically – and this can be fast and hurtful. If you are unaware that the manifestation is unfolding for you, you could block it with negative energy based on the hurt you’re experiencing with the new changes in your life. We have to allow changes to happen in order to make way for what we are asking the Divine for.
  2. Manifesting starts as pure energy – everything in existence all started as energy first. We must have a thought before we can create it. This is the reason most manifesting coaches and therapist encourage their clients to create vision boards. Vision boards help you see your thoughts clearly and organize them. In this way, you can declutter your thoughts and manifestations, allowing them to unfold with more ease.
  3. You will have to learn to let go – this involves letting go of material things no longer serving you to make space for the new (life mentioned in above, drastic changes can happen and they are meant for your greatest good). This will also involve letting go of people. People can create energetic and mental blockages to our manifestations, especially if they don’t understand your dreams or they have their negative energy to deal with. I say its always best to keep your manifestation secret until they have physically manifested. You will also have to let go of mental ideas no longer serving you. Keep your mind clear and open for new inspiration and ideas that will come to you as you are manifesting.
  4. You’ll know what to stay aware of in your environment – It’s important to avoid hyper-focusing on your manifestation. This is how a lot people block what’s coming to them – they tend to stress themselves and or “do too much” to get what they want. Manifesting needs flow and ease, and this is much harder to achieve than one may think. In a state of ease, you can clearly catch on to secret Divine messages and intuitively take the right actions at the right time.
  5. It’s great practice! – Manifesting takes skill and knowledge. The more  you understand your process of effectively manifesting, it’s gets easier over time and then you can help others do the same (hence why we have many manifestation coaches arising now). Learn, practice, record and try again! Learn, practice, record, and try again!

Now that we have talked about why is important (very important) to understand the signs, let’s name 5 signs that a manifestation is on its way to you!

  1. You have identified what you want – You have cleared out the negative energy, negative thoughts, negative people, and negative material possessions that were blocking your energy. Your can clearly speak to and visualize your manifestation.
  2. You wrote it down somewhere – In some way, shape, or form, you have recorded your manifestation. This can look like journaling, vlogging, drawing/painting, abstract art, video art, and even dancing or movement.
  3. You have asked the Divine (Universe, Akashic Beings, Angels, Ancestors, etc) for it – This is the process of tapping into infinite power to assist you with manifesting. Our Divine Entities can see and do things that we are limited by as humans. So it is very nice to have such a beautiful partnership with them.
  4. You have FAITH it’s coming – Faith (and sexual energy) are your most powerful energetic tools to manifesting. Faith creates a mindset that releases you from mental blockages. Faith allows you believe in magic and miracles. It also helps you to relax your energy and allow things to come to you.
  5. You are practicing patience right now – Patience is a virtue. If you can allow Divine to work in your favor, regardless of how crazy things may look and feel as they clear space for miracles to happen, then you are GOLDEN!

Written and Published By: Megan “Megz” Roberts

August 7th, 2021

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