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Traditional Reiki Courses

Reiki. Reiki is an ancient healing practice that has been around since the beginning of time. Teachings and classes of Reiki are mean to be simple, direct and explorative so that the student can focus intently on their own unique healing practice with Reiki. Reiki is designed to be simple and easy. This is how Reiki has been maintained and kept sacred through the test of times. Becoming “attuned” to Reiki energy is the process of “right-of-passage” being passed down onto you by your Reiki Teacher. Students are always guided by their spiritual beings, angels, guides and spiritual masters post attunement. Learning to heal self and others with Reiki is a journey, and it’s important to patiently allow that path to unfold for you once you become certified. 

Reiki Levels. As you move up in level of Reiki, the flow of Reiki energy flowing through you increases 10x each attunement. For example, with your Reiki Level I attunement, you will have a narrow flow of Reiki energy flowing through you. Level practitioners of Reiki are not allowed to charge for sessions. As you move to Reiki Level II, your flow of Reiki energy expands 10x the amount than it was in Level I and you are now able to charge for Reiki sessions. 

Students receive their Reiki Practitioner certifications upon completion of the class.

Embodied Reiki Level I

Embodied Reiki is unique in that it incorporates arts and sciences, psychotherapy, practices from shamanism and mysticism, and movement and meditation techniques. The process of Embodied Reiki is a deeply connected process of building a relationship to Reiki and its sacred gifts and offerings to you and the greatest good of this planet.

First degree attunment to the Reiki energy. Attunement is the process of gifting you access to the use Reiki energy with intention and direction. We are all given access to Reiki as our birth right. As you become a practitioner, you open a sacred channel within Reiki energy and are now able to channel and direct the energy for healing purposes. Embodied Reiki Level I allows you to care for`and work with physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional pains, blockages, and other ailments within yourself and others.

Embodied Reiki Level I attunement will align and cleanse your 7 main chakras. It is highly recommended to allow 21 days to 3 months after attunement to allow the energy to properly clear out and activate your chakras. Students receive their Embodied Reiki Level I Practitioner certification upon completion of the class.

Many will be called. The brave hearts will answer. 

Embodied Reiki Level II

Embodied Reiki Level II increases the flow of Reiki energy moving through and around you times ten. Students must hold and show proof of Embodied Reiki Level I certification as a pre-requisite. (Reiki certificates from other forms of Reiki practice may be accepted on a case by case basis, depending on profession.)

Second degree attunment to the Reiki energy. Level II attunement allows you to receive payment for your work as an Embodied Reiki Practitioner. You will learn three sacred Reiki symbols to practice and work with, expanding your ability to heal people, animals, things, spirits, and etc across space and time. 

Students receive their Embodied Reiki Level II Practitioner certification upon completion of the class.


The time has come to expand your self across space and time. 

Embodied Reiki Level III

Embodied Reiki Level III increases the energy flow of Reiki energy running through and around you by another ten times, expanded from level two! Students must hold and show proof of Embodied Reiki Level I and Reiki Level II certificates as a pre-requisite. (Reiki certificates from other forms of Reiki practice may be accepted on a case by case basis, depending on profession.) 

Third degree attunement to the Reiki energy. With your third degree attunement, you are now entering the master healer phase of Reiki. You will walk away with a fourth sacred Reiki symbol, gifting you new access to use the Reiki Life Force. You will be encouraged and challenged to incorporate your own unique flow of healing and mysticism into your Embodied Reiki practice. 

Students receive a Reiki Level III Practitioner certification upon completion of the class.

You are walking your Divine path.

Embodied Reiki Master Teacher

Embodied Reiki Master Teacher certification allows you to attune and certify other Reiki and Embodied Reiki students. Students must hold and show proof of Embodied Reiki Level I, II, and III certificates as a pre-requisite. This is a two-day class help on weekends.(Reiki certificates from other forms of Reiki practice may be accepted on a case by case basis, depending on profession.) 

Fourth degree attunement to Embodied Reiki. You will practice and implement your own unique Embodied Reiki practice and curriculum. Class details are kept sacred to benefit the unique precesses of students. 

Reiki students also receive a Reiki Master Teacher certification upon completion of the class.

We welcome you Master Healer.

Akashic Records Practitioner Certification

Akashic Records Practitioner certification. Get attuned to the all knowing and all truth library of eternal existence. The Akashic Records has many names (The Akash, The Book of Life, Library of Souls, Cosmic Mind, etc). It is believed to be channeled through the 8th chakra (aka Soul Chakra). 

Attunement to the Akashic Records. You are now able to channel and can communicate between the physical and non-physical world, allows you to access the past, present, and future of existence. Each individual will have their own unique spiritual gifts once connected to this Angelic space. This could include: any of the claire’s (clairvoyance. clairsentience, etc.), mediumship, mysticism, shamanism, and high priestess, amongst other spiritual gifts and in combination.

Many are called, few are chosen is an undertstatement.

Embodied Akashic Records Practitioner & Advanced Training

Embodied Akashic Records Certification is an advanced level of channeling through the Akashic Records. You will continue to learn more about interpreting messages from the Akasha, while deepening your studies in embodied science. 

You become ready and able to embody spiritual beings in real time and utilize the Divine powers of powerful entities such as Gods, Goddesses, and Deities of our time. 

By the end of this course you will learn how to communicate with and embody spirits in physical form, heal past lives and other energy forms across time, decode past and future events, and connect to higher dimensional realms.

Embodied Akashic Records Certifications Track

Akashic Records Certification (not necessary for Embodied Cert.)

Embodied Akashic Records Certification

Advanced Embodied Akashic Records Certification (Level I required.)

Embodied Akashic Records Teacher Certification (Level I & II required.)

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Terms and Conditions. No refunds on certification courses or services. Payments never expire and can applied to other classes or services at anytime. 

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