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Main Reasons Why People Delay Taking Care of Their Health

Health is important. . . holistic health is important. Health is the epitome of longevity, happiness and success. You are a reflection of YOU. If something in your body, mind, or spirit is breaking down, ultimately, so are you in some way, shape or form. This is the foundational model for holistic health. So, what keeps people from taking their health seriously then. . .

1. THEY FEEL YOUNG & VIBRANT – ANY MAJOR HEALTH PROBLEMS SEEM FAR AWAY IN THE FUTIRE. A lot of Health problems first take the form of energetic blockages that we cannot readily see or feel 🤕😷. So many times we can have a health concerns present in our energetic body before it manifest in our physical body. Young people feel healthy, therefore they delay seeking medical help until that health problem has gotten bigger and NEEDS to be addressed. 

2. HEALTH & WELLNESS CAN BE VERY EXPENSIVE. It’s no surprise 😮, healthcare, office visits, specialists, naturopathic healing modalities, preventative care….ALL of the above will blow your bank account if you’re not smart about your health insurance and expenses. Facts: the more you take care of your health now, you’ll save a TON of money 💰 in the future! 

3. HEALTH IS SCARY OR FEELS OVERWHELMING. Health problems can hurt, literally. Even beyond this, health problems don’t usually go away with a snap of the finger (at least not at this time in our reality). To be notified of a health problem will require attention, time and money 🙄😮‍💨. ALL of which are very valuable and hard to get back once given (especially Time!). 

4. THEY FEEL LIKE THEY’RE ALREADY TO UNHEALTHY TO REVERSE ANYTHING, SO THEY EITHER DEAL WITH IT OR IGNORE IT. I get surprised at how common this one is. However it’s true! 😳Most people think once something has “fallen apart” in either their mind, body, or spiritual body, that it cannot be reversed, only maintained. This limited point of view keeps people unhealthy and from truly taking care of their health. 

5. PEOPLE HAVE OTHER PROBLEMS THAT TAKE ALL OF THEIR ATTENTION. Let’s face it, we live in a society where we are occupied 24/7 with things to do 😵‍💫 We have priorities. And if I can’t see the health problem, or it’s not severe enough for me to give it attention right now, then I’m going to hold off on it and complete other tasks on my list 🤷🏽 We don’t blame you! Although, increased productivity can be a product of increased Health 🥰

Published By Megz Roberts 

June 4th, 2021

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