What is the Chakra Cleanse?
The Wys Wellness Chakra Cleanse is a uniquely powerful holistic healing experience that allows you to manifest your dream life! During a cleanse (and even after a chakra cleanse) you are clearing out negative energy and blockages (past, present and future) that are in the way of you living your best life with vitality! Vitality is key here. Many people can manifest money or a dream career, the goal is to get there in good health 😌. 

During the cleanse, we spend a whole day in each chakra. We wear clothes and eat foods that are the same color of that chakra. The whole day consists of activities, meditations, intuitive readings and creative prompts to help you unlock and activate the powerful energy of each chakra.

You are highly encouraged to be self-directed in your healing process during the cleanse to assure your safety while engaging at your own pace. We are always here to support you!


What are the benefits of the Chakra Cleanse?

The benefits of the Chakra Cleanse are endless. It’s also what you make it – You get out what you put in! The energy you put in (time, money, attention, therapeutic activities, food, community connection, etc) recycles in your life and you can direct this in energy in the direction of your desires!

We encourage you to do your own research on the chakras and energy system. You can check out our library or home page for more information, or you can use your own search engine to find more research – literally there’s so much information on the benefits of working with the chakras. You will find something that speaks to your uniqueness and inspires you to heal and manifest!

How does the Chakra Cleanse work? How do I participate?

You have three options here:

1. Self-Healing Adventures –
You’ll receive our sacred daily chakra cleanse guide for each cleanse. The daily guide changes every round! You then engage with the daily guide until the end of the cleanse by following the activities, prompts, and your own intuitive guidance.  (Some people only it make it through half the cleanse – to each its own, there’s no judgement…. this is a powerful healing process!) Next, you will check-in on our private site using brief prompts provided to you. The check-ins are to help you process your experience AND for us to make sure you are healing safely. You can always feel free to reach out to us in case you need support throughout your time with us!

2. Community Healing Adventures –

You receive the sacred chakra guide as mentioned in the Self-Healing tier, and you ca absolutely choose to stay in self-study mode. This level grants you access to a private chakra cleanse community where you can: engage with other members through chat or video, share your art or experiences, stay up to date and chime in on the current news and research about the chakras and spiritual science, participate in study rooms, and create small soul tribes for deeper healing journeys! 

3. Wys Souls Healing Adventures – 

AH! Our Wys Souls! ♥️ This tier is for members who are looking to invest in their personal and professional growth as a multidimensional being. 

In this tier, you will engage both in-person and online with members and healers. Still using the private online community, you will have access to more healing tools and spiritual leaders, and early access educational materials and chakra cleanse dates. During the chakra cleanse, this group is taken to Divine spaces for sacred spiritual activities and processing. As a part of our Wys Soul, we do emphasize privacy and secrecy as directed by our Ascended Masters 🧘🏽. 

What materials do i need?

Materials needed for each chakra cleanse are always sent out right before cleanse. You will need basic materials that you can find at any local convenience store, usually less than $10 if you go to the right places. Special materials are optional, they differ each cleanse and of course will cost you more money. These are not necessary for purchase but feel free to buy them to enhance your experience as expertly guided! (Remember, you get out what you put in energetically 🤗.)

How often do Chakra Cleanses occur?
Typically, Wys Wellness Chakra Cleanses occur once every quarter (about every 3 months). Sometimes they occur more frequently or further apart. The chakra cleanse dates are announced once numerology, astrology and other spiritual scientific methods have aligned themselves perfectly for an effective and powerful chakra cleanse experience!

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