What People Say

“Amazing. Information was deep and very effective. The food and chakra colors were perfect. I would get really engaged with the process. It helped me to let go of and talk through things holding me back. I became more sensitive to my environment where I’m noticing a lot more things about my surroundings. Overall I feel spiritually elevated!”


7 Day Chakra Cleanse

“Participating in the 7 Day Chakra Cleanse added a sense of wholeness, exploration, and support to my life. Starting the mornings with Megz’s grounded guidance set my day off the right foot. The visuals and information they provided specific to each Chakra was informative and supportive, especially for a beginner like me. I highly recommend leaning into their guidance and I do plan to participate again.”


7 Day Chakra Cleanse

“My first time doing the Chakra Cleanse was an amazing connection and experience; with both myself and others. It allowed me to continue to use my body to connect with my past and the I needed. I was also provided  amazing support with the healers supporting and guiding the journey. It also was a validation to my intuition based practices I was being called to implement. The Chakra Cleanse gave me more knowledge and support to continue my healing journey.”


7 Day Chakra Cleanse

“The previous Chakra Cleanse was thought provoking, informative, engaging, and healing. Although at times it became challenging, it allowed me to release blockages and allow positivity, peace, love and joy to enter. It also helped me develop a closer relationship with the Divine.”


7 Day Chakra Cleanse

“I have so enjoyed working with Megz. They are incredibly compassionate and insightful. My partner and I are getting so much out of our sessions, we look forward to continuing to work with them.”


Couples Counseling

“Megz is a really fantastic therapist to me. I have tried a few times to do therapy and never felt anything until meeting Megz. I feel a lot of healing being done.”


Individual Counseling

“You guys helped me a lot. Everything was spot on for me.”


7 Day Chakra Cleanse
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